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SticksNick “Sticks” Flaim was born in Chicago and grew up in an entertainment household. His mother was an actress and dancer and his father was a piano player and singer who toured with Elvis Presley. They always encouraged Nick’s love of music, especially his drums. Nick’s musical career spans over 35 years of touring, recording and playing in clubs and casinos with some of the finest bands in the country, and he presides over the Faded Jeans rhythm section with his drums (and additional vocals!).

Smilin' Big DaddyKeyboardist Glen “Smilin’ Big Daddy” Hadley started his musical journey in Southern California and Utah, studying classical piano from age five. By high school, he  found his home playing his Farfisa portable organ in bands, and soon after, a stint with 60’s rockers, The Strawberry Alarm Clock. He later served as a district manager for Roland Keyboards, configuring keyboards for major recording studios across the USA. Now, Glen’s piano, organ, and synthesizer round out the Faded Jeans sound.

Levi RippingtonA native of Northeast Ohio, vocalist “Levi Rippington” (a.k.a. Erik Hendel) has molded his vocal and instrumental talents since the early nineties. His former band, Raul, took him to stages and studios throughout the Northeast. In 2003 he began a solo act in Phoenix, performing classic rock hits at clubs and resorts, as well as playing three years in the folk-rock combo, Haiku Rd. In the stage persona of “Levi”, Erik makes the audience part of the Faded Jeans show with dancing and sing-alongs.

Axe WranglerMichael “the Axe Wrangler” Norris came from the cornfields of Illinois to the desert of Arizona (“The land of Opportunity”) in 1975 and found what he was looking for … he’s been rocking the Valley ever since. Killer Beeze, Black Widow, The Wett, and Goldbrick were just some of the bands he has fronted on lead guitar and vocals over that time. Now he’s flaunting his stuff with Faded Jeans, continuing his love of playing great music in Arizona’s Party Band!

Ron RonStarting in Denver in the late 70’s, bassist and singer Ron “Ron Ron” Parker quickly transitioned to touring the western US with top 40 cover band, Portrait. Since 1982, he has been in a variety of highly successful bands in the Phoenix area, and his resume includes performing with rock legends like Chuck Berry and recording with such artists as Michael Bruce (Alice Cooper). Ron’s motto – “It’s all about playing good music and having fun!” – perfectly describes any Faded Jeans performance!

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  1. laura workman says:

    Erik, what part of Ohio are you from? I’m from Cleveland!!

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